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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Homeless Polls Close on the Crushed and Broken

Recently, two six-month polls closed here at Homeless In America.

The first poll asked the question: “When the subject of the homeless is brought up casually among my family or friends, it has been my experience that most people react by saying something like” …

55% believed that family and friends normally say something like, “Why can’t homeless work like the rest of us?”

8% felt they would say, “We’re immigrants who made it, they can too!”

35% said family and friends would respond with something like … “It’s too complex, they need love & understanding.”


The second poll asked the question: “On the night He was betrayed, when Jesus instituted the sacrament of Holy Communion, one of the reasons he may have chosen the humble elements of bread and wine is because?”

85% said the humble elements of bread and wine signify: "Ingredients crushed & broken unite all the lost & forgotten."

6% believe that … [Communion elements] once upgraded with gold vessels will attract the rich & powerful.

8% felt that if Jesus came today, “It’d be croissants & lattes to pull in yuppies.”

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