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Monday, March 30, 2009

More Rad Guide to Living out of your Porsche

By High-tech Hobo

Cell phones make it easy for today's hobo to stay in touch with family & friends. Many people are terminating their home-phone accounts, to save money, and relying solely on their cell. With a credit card (or debit card) you're ready to begin your new life living out of your car.

• Old VW Van, preferably from the 60's (bonus points for living out of your Porsche)
• Tent & sleeping bag
• Health club membership (for showers)
• Cell phone
• Wireless Laptop
• PO Box (mail)
• Library card (for free wireless access)
• Quarters (for laundry)
• Credit card (so you don't have to carry cash)
• Storage facility (for your stuff, preferably one you can access 24x7)

• Register at local Community College (for more wireless access, don't have to actually take a class to register)
• Locations of all coffee shops with free wireless access
• AT&T WiFi wireless account (for even more wireless access, available at most Starbucks.)

In closing, I'd like to say I try to limit my comments to things for which I have first-hand experience .. and, living out of my car .. (unfortunately) is something I know a bit about. (We do what we have to.)

Looks like somebody actually wrote a “book” on the subject. Check out Car Living Your Way: Stories and Practical Tips From Those Who Have Been Down the Road. Here's another: Car Living: How to Make It a Successful, Sane, Safe Experience.

I wouldn't recommend mobile homelessness of course, but sometimes life throws you a curve. And if it does, you'll have more insight than I had, and will be able to roll with it. I'm convinced we're far more resilient than we know.

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