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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Transients, Bridge People & Campers - Which one are you?

There seems to be three different categories of homeless people living on the streets. Possibly this is one way to classify them:

These are individuals that sleep in the alleys, the doorways, the park benches and any place they can feel somewhat safe for the night. For the most part, all they have is what they can carry with them.

These are people that have acquired a mattress and a few other belongings and they take shelter under bridges and overpasses.

These individuals have tents or make shelters from wooden pallets or tarpaulins. They often establish their camp site along railroad tracks, riverbeds or small wooded areas not far from the inner city. Quite often, they are in clusters and are basically a small community.

Similarly, all humans can be classified along these three lines whether they are homeless or not:

These are individuals who are completely aware that this life is transient. They make no mistake about who we are. They know that we are here today, gone tomorrow. Our life is but a breath, clothed like the grass of the field, by night it withers and fades. As a result, they store up treasures in heaven and do not try to store up riches in this life.

These are people that are somewhat aware of the transiency of life, however they try very hard to live with a foot on each side of the fence. Part of them tries to seek the Kingdom of God, the other part of them tries to flirt with the things of the world. They try to live on or under a bridge between two worlds, the temporal and the eternal. As a result they live a frustrating life filled with angst between two worlds.

These individuals set down roots in this life. They work hard at obtaining the things of the world; cars, money, leisure, homes, clothing and luxury. They have little regard for their death or the transiency of life. Just when they cry out “peace and safety” their whole world is blown away by accidents, illness and other sudden misfortunes. As a result, they live a life of temporal happiness at best; completely dependent upon strokes of luck in life and health.

Which one are you?
What will you do with your Homeless in America?

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