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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Reporter, Jamie Griswold from reports colorful murals are taking the place of graffiti in several neighborhoods around Seattle. Artist Ryan Henry Ward, "Henry," as indicated on his paintings, has set out to complete fifty murals in and around Seattle.

After an injury several months ago Ward decided to move away from his landscaping business and dedicate himself full time to his art. He's pleased that his art's proving to satisfy his needs. "I've been out of work now for about a year, and I've just been doing my art and trying to make a living. And I think I did it."

Of course, the means Ward requires to support his lifestyle is less than most. "I'm not the kind of person that's, you know . . . in this for the money. I live in my van, I'm homeless . . ."

Seattle isn't the only town showcasing Ward's art. "I went down to the Dominican Republic last year with a group...and I painted four murals in two impoverished neighborhoods."

Ward has no shortage of orders for his current outdoor works which he's offering free of charge while working toward his goal. "I've got some big projects coming up the next few weeks. They're going to keep coming. I think I should be done with fifty . . ."

Once Ward covers the bare walls in Seattle, he has ambitions of taking his efforts global. "I kind of wanted to travel around the world painting murals, film a documentary, and raise awareness on global issues like poverty."
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