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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Panhandling, Real Quotes from Real People

Nashville’s, The Tennessean newspaper asked readers what they thought should be done about people who panhandle on the streets. Following are excerpts from their comments . . .

*It bothers me that so many downtowners, especially the newcomers moving in, are so ticked off at those less fortunate than they. When knocking panhandling, these folks are really annoyed by all homeless persons and want them to go away.

*It seems to be the norm today to discriminate, but to blame the homeless for being homeless is the worst kind of bigotry.

*Aren't we all beggars? How many persons do we know today who are asking for all kinds of favors — from their schools, their employers, from the government and others? What do you think all those candidates for political office are doing? They wouldn't get very far without asking for help and money. …

*While these issues must be approached with compassion, giving money to panhandlers is not the needed solution. While money donated to worthy charities or social services is applied directly to helping people, money given to panhandlers is usually spent on alcohol or drugs and simply enables these people to continue bad behaviors.

*Panhandlers tend to congregate where their behaviors are rewarded and avoid areas where they receive no handouts. G. G., downtown businessman.

*Some people just don't want to support themselves or their addictions, so they tend to rely on other people for their support, thinking that the world owes them something.

*Anyone caught panhandling anywhere should be written a citation and have to appear in court and possibly be brought up on charges. I think that would decrease the panhandling. O. H.

*Panhandling is not a Nashville thing. It's a national thing. It's everywhere. What to do about it? Your guess is as good as mine.

*Me personally, if I can give, I do. If I can't, I don't. Some people lose more change in their couch. What's a little change? S. P.

*Normally, I have a "no-cash" policy. If the person asking for help says he needs a few dollars for a meal, I have offered to walk over to Wendy's or the nearest restaurant to order something for that person. I have bought bus fare for people, too.
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