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Monday, July 5, 2010

Hope for Homeless Youth: The Church goes Out of their Seats and into the Streets

Los Angeles based, Hope for Homeless Youth is a 12-month program for men and women at least 18 years of age, who have a desire for change, a willingness to be held accountable and to be under authority. The program compromises of four phases.

1. 24 hour Emergency Shelter is provided for up to 72 hours. This gives an individual a chance to get off the street and a have a safe place for them to reevaluate their situation.
2. After 72 hours youth have a choice of leaving or putting in an application to either the Hope for Homeless Youth Discipleship Program, the Los Angeles Dream center Discipleship Program or a referral to another program.
3. Acceptance and completion of a 12 month Christian discipleship program.
4. Then a graduate of any Christian 12 month program can spend up to 12 more months in a transitional home getting back into the mainstream of society living as a drug free Christian.

Hope for Homeless Youth's mission is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ, outside of the four walls of the Church. They are off of their comfy seats and into the streets for Jesus!

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