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Friday, July 30, 2010


Henri Nouwen once said, “The difference between rich and poor is not that the rich sin is more than the poor’s sin, but that the rich find it easier to call sin a virtue.” He was probably referring to the sin of self-righteousness, you know the sin that Jesus struggled against in the Synagogues and the Temple and the evil that ultimately crucified him.

A few days ago a significant poll closed here at Homeless In America. For the past nine months, the question was asked of bloggers and readers, “In your opinion, which sin is more readily identifiable and easily repented for, lust or self-righteousness?”

It appears as though the lustfully poor, the broken and the morally bankrupt seem to have an intuitive clarity that lust is sin. However, the wealthy and the powerful, in the opinion of the readers may have an absence of right moral judgment about themselves and their sin. The vast majority, 95% felt that the offense of lust is most easily identified by sinners. Only a miniscule group; 5% felt that the sin of self-righteousness is most easily identified and repented for.

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