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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Here is Someone that has Charity and Snow Removal all Figured Out!

Posted by a Spokane, WA, blogger, September 21, 2010 in response to Spokesman-Review writer, Mike Prager’s article, “Coming Winter Could Justify Snowblower Buy.”

"[Mr. Prager], every year, my bleeding-heart liberal do-gooder neighbor will always use HIS snow blower and HIS gasoline to clear off my sidewalk and driveway, if I appear to be disabled. Once I forgot, and he looked at me kind of strange. Luckily, hubby is disabled so we have that base covered.

"If you are a fellow Tea Party Member, Republican or Conservative, I recommend you do the same as me. Here's why:

1. No liberal do-gooder will pass up the opportunity to help you. It's what makes them liberals.
2. You could hurt yourself if you do it yourself.
3. By making them use their gasoline money, you are making sure they have that much less money to spend on liberal causes.
4. You will make them too tired for liberal activism.
5. It's fun.

"Let it snow!!!
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1 comment:

Redspect said...

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