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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surprisingly, Everyone is in One Hundred Percent Agreement!

Over the past nine months, readers participated in a poll that is based upon a real-life story: A shopkeeper has for many months now, been finding a homeless man sleeping on the front stoop when opening at 5:30am. Cordially, he offers the man a cup of coffee, and then the use of the bathroom. But he laments, “I can’t keep doing this every morning.” What would you do?

Surprisingly, there was no disagreement between any of the respondents!

None would, “Tell the man to quit sleeping there.”

Also, none would, “Tell the man, ‘I have limits – I can’t keep doing this every morning.’”

Amazingly, one hundred percent of those polled would, “Continue to help the man for as long as he keeps showing up.”

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