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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stuck in the mud at Easter?

By Sr Elvira Petrozzi

The Risen Jesus is the heart of the world. He gives life to the whole Universe and He is the ray of light that shines from the empty tomb on all humanity – yesterday, today and always. The Resurrection of Jesus is a special and unique event. It is the announcement of the victory of life over death, of love over sin. Easter is the feast of the Running Feet. Everyone arrives at the tomb tired, sad and disappointed... and they leave running! The Risen Christ gives us the dynamic enthusiasm to announce the victory.

Who are those Apostles today, those Peters and Johns who leave and go into the world? Who are the Magdalenes, forgiven and reconciled with God, who announce to everyone that Jesus is alive? They are us, the baptized Christians! We are the people of God who should bring the joy of Salvation to everyone. With Baptism and the other Sacraments, the world of our heart, our feelings and our human story becomes cleansed and renovated; from simple creatures we become children of God! It is an exceptional event; heaven comes down to earth to work something extraordinary in our hearts that we cannot keep to ourselves. We have to speak about it.

Too many people do not know yet that there is a Savior who came in our midst to bring us the mercy and the love of God. The world is still in the dark, troubled, full of fear, because we Christians are living for other things. We are not aware any more of the precious treasure that we have in our hands; we speak about trivialities and we give too much importance to useless things; too many worries fill our minds because we are not fulfilling our true mission on earth; our selfishness makes us sad and our fears increase. Maybe even on Easter morning our first thought will be: “Did you make the coffee? Is breakfast ready? I have such a headache this morning...” Absurdities!

We who have a vocation, in which there is close rapport with God, get stuck in the mud of the world’s selfishness. Called to the high peaks of a proclamation that liberates, we let ourselves be chained by the superficials of life. Christ is risen! He is truly risen! This is the daily experience that my eyes are contemplating, my hands are touching and my ears are hearing; the dead are raised, prisoner are freed and the blind see. The power of His Resurrection unchains us.

There are a thousand opportunities a day to give witness and to manifest what the Lord has done for us: a smile, an act of forgiveness, a hug, a service or job done with and for love. Mary Magdalene and the Apostles are our models, our gift this Easter to begin to run again, to bring everyone the good news of the Easter morning. Death does not have the last word; it was defeated by the life of Christ!

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who announce peace!” These are your feet, my feet, our feet... and so the world will experience the Resurrection!

Sister Elvira (Photo) is founder of the Cenacolo Community. This excerpt is from the book: Mother Elvira Community Cenacolo, a collection of thoughts and teachings of Sr Elvira. It is available from the Community Cenacolo book shop in Bijakovici, Medjugorje.
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