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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

And so this is Christmas

And so this is Christmas . . .

A day to remember that a Man left his riches in heaven, and although he was God, he emptied himself, became poor for our sake so that we could become rich.  Though inhabiting the palace of the entire universe, he was born of a woman, in a manger, poor and broken, because there was no room for him in an inn.

Likewise, we remember that he came to earth for the poor, the broken and the prisoner to set them all free.  The rich and the powerful often do not understand his message of poverty.  For millennia many have missed the implications of his visit here to earth.

While high priest and church leaders, adorned in robes, gold and glitter he confronted as poor, and sick and broken too, but they missed it too.  The wealthy he announced adorn their brokenness like whitewashed tombs that encase bones and decay.  He divided the earth into two groups, the self-righteous and the broken, a place where there should only be one group, he found two.  He despised the adorned and wealthy self-righteous and he embraced all who are poor, empty and humbly in need of a savior.

And so to all the homeless, broken, poor, prisoner and addict, at least those willing to admit it – this Christmas is for you. . . .
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