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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Today, Brian Triplett, a writer for the Examiner comments on Pope Francis and the Christian's belief in devils and demons . . .  "The writer of the entry went on to say, "... Francis is given a pass. When are those people who are so impressed by his 'humility' going to learn that it’s just a facade, behind which lurks all the incense-scented malfeasance and superstition of Catholicism? And, far from reforming his church by nudging Catholics toward more enlightened sentiments, Pope Francis is keeping the Church mired in the Middle Ages, at least on the issues of Satan and demons. Yes, these people really do believe in Satan, and that itself is unbelievable! Where's the evidence for Satan, much less God?"

Well, so much for writer, Brian Triplett's nonexistent theological training!  Not long ago, I completed a 5 hour visit with a family and their teenage son who had tried to harm himself after a 5 year obsession with demonic video games and receiving real-life apparitions of demons.  The demons are manifesting themselves in real time because of the posters in his bedroom that all exalt blood, gore and more evil.  This teenager is now under medical care for distress, anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies, but none of the medication seems to help.  That is because in this case, it is not psychological, it's demonic.  Ironically, the parents were not aware that the evil posters and 40+ video games could open the doorway to the other side - probably because they have read ill-researched and out-of-touch articles by writers like Brian Triplett who would be better suited journaling home remodeling and DYI gardening.

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Brian Triplett said...

Actually, somebody else said that. I don't agree with that person at all, which I thought I made clear later on in the article.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Brian and for the clarification.