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Monday, May 12, 2014

Saving the Poor and Needy

“For he delivers the needy when he cries out, the poor and him who has no helper.”  Psalm 72:12

A pastor is claiming divine intervention after a behemoth boulder cast forth during a construction blast nearly gutted a Massachusetts church.

The construction workers captured the blast on video and watched the chunk of rock stop short of Saugus’ Grace Ministries Church by one foot on Saturday.

The video begins with the crew standing across the street from the church and counting down to a blast on a neighboring property.

The explosives shook the ground and then, a boulder leaped out of the protective covers.

“That’s not good,” a member of the excavation crew said as they and Pastor Rick LeClair ran over to check on the church and marvel at their blessing.

A video of the work project shows the crew circling the rock cautiously, slightly unsure of its origin: “Where did that come from?”

They estimated the rock to be about 20 tons.

“I was thinking the church was going to get wrecked,” Pastor LeClair told WCVB-TV, but his worst fears were unfounded.

The rock could have shut the Grace Ministries down if it crossed an additional 12 inches. Its congregation runs a food pantry that feeds thousands of poor and homeless people, the TV station reported.

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