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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Problem of Too Much Money: Where to spend it all?

Here's for people who forgo frugal living, unlikely to share wealth with the poor and having so much money, may be difficult to find ways to spend it all, until now . . .

Four Seasons has a new weapon in the luxury travel wars: a company-owned Boeing 757.

The Toronto-based luxury resort hotel company said Wednesday that it's launching the first Four Seasons-branded private jet. The plane will come with many of the amenities of a Four Seasons suite—from puffy duvets and chef-prepared meals—and will ferry only about 50 passengers per trip (a 757 usually holds 250 passengers) to Four Seasons resorts around the world on tours that cost more $100,000 per person.

"Taking our legendary service to the skies is a natural extension of what we've been doing in our hotels for more than 50 years," said Susan Helstab, executive vice president for marketing. "It will be relaxed and elegant and comfortable and come with all of the Four Seasons' services, private chefs and the ability for the individual to tailor the experience to whatever their desires."

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