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Friday, January 25, 2008

From Honor and Privilege to an Historical Perspective

Responding to the reality that according to God's word, we can actually meet and see the Lord in the poor, the homeless and the abandoned (see Looking for God? Monday, January 14, 2008) blogger Liz said... "Experiences like the one we shared on Sunday night remind us that God is so present and that he is looking out for everyone - like the cold and hungry woman on her bike looking for some help [at 10pm]- and we gave it to her. And we all benefited from it. It's an honor and privilege to do God's will."

Passing along an historical perspective concerning The Weight of my Wretchedness by Sor Juana Ines De LA Cruz (see Friday, January 18, 2008) Ernesto said ... "Beautiful indeed …. Consider how she was ordered by her bishop to destroy all her work because he said, 'It is not proper for a nun to be writing about worldly things.' According to some historians, she destroyed about 90% of her work - because of her vow of obedience. But it really sounds to me it was more about “evil envy” creeping into the motives of some of the religious leaders. Some of her works, like this one posted were not destroyed because they were already in the hands of some of her friends."

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