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Monday, January 14, 2008

Looking for God?

Many say, "there is no God." Yet others say, "where is He?" But God is revealing Himself to us constantly, just not in the ways that we would like to believe. The prophet Isaiah in chapter 57 tells us that God lives in three places:

1. "On high I dwell ..." (just look into the night sky or Google Images "galaxies")
2. "And in holiness ..." (check out people like Mother Teresa and the lives of the saints)
3. "And with the crushed and the dejected in spirit ..." (photo, see Gregory living behind the Valero gas station at Alameda and 5th in Los Angeles or see a prisoner - a widow - the abandoned.)

Isaiah continues ... "To revive the spirits of the dejected, to revive the hearts of the crushed. I saw their ways, but I heal them and lead them; I will give comfort to them and to those who mourn for them." Isaiah 57:15-18

So, God is not elusive after all as some may think. We have immediate places in our world that we can go to see Him. Why not check God out in all three places and see Him in full Force?

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Cecil said...

thanks for sharing again,
It's good to be reminded where God is in our world.

Liz said...

Experiences like the one we shared on Sunday night, Gary remind us that God is so present and that he is looking out for everyone - like the cold and hungry woman on her bike looking for some help - and we gave it to her. And we all benefited from it. It's an honor and priveledge to do God's will.

Anonymous said...

Yes, reflecting on Sherry arriving in the church parking lot, cold, hungry and destitute late at night on Sunday just as we arrived with food, clothing and supplies at such an odd hour. There was our chance to meet God as victim. It is moving to think about such encounters and the hand of God in them.