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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We See You Saturday

One morning in November, the realization hit that reaching out to the homeless is about seeing the unseen (see "We See You Saturday" Monday, November 12, 2007). This past Saturday, the delivery of supplies to the poor living under bridges and on city streets is about “seeing” people - in much the same way that Jesus takes the time to see the short guy Zacchaeus up in the tree (see Sunday, November 4, 2007) and blesses him. We do the same when we take time to encounter and “see” the normally unseen. On this occasion we had a chance to see an entire organization that is serving the poor, Transition House (photos). The home helps approximately 150 residents at any given time to transition out of a life of poverty and homelessness.


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Anonymous said...

Your ministry is an inspiration to us all. Next month I can finally make it to a Sandwich Builders Friday - hurray!!!" A.N.

Anonymous said...

You indeed found the [used clothing] bags. I am so grateful that what was clutter to me and stealing my peace was able to bring a little peace to others. Thanks [HIA] so much for taking care of that for me! Mary