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Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Day of Giving

Saturday was an awesome day of serving the poor under the bridges and in the alley ways of DTLA. SPA lunches were delivered (see Saturday, March 15, 2008, 960 Lunches in about an Hour), along with clothing, rosaries and prayer cards. It really was a day of giving "to the least of these" as Jesus commanded in His name.

Along with under-the-bridge deliveries, 100s of lunches were delivered to St. Peter’s daily food line, the Transition House, Catholic Charities, Blessed Sacrament outreach to the poor in Hollywood and many thanks to Mary for getting a supply of lunches to Santa Monica's homeless.

Going forward, we offer many thanks to Joel for being our new team leader on the streets each month as well as for Marcelo keeping SPA food pantry and sandwich deliveries coordinated with St. Peter's. Many thanks to Cecil and Phillip for all both of you are doing to serve the Saturday food line at St. Peter's.

Thanks again to Danny for the awesome Friday night "Sandwich Builders" that has grown the number of people we can help in Christ's name living on the streets and in the nooks, corners and alley ways throughout Los Angeles.

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