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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Polls, Sermons, and Personal Wealth

Six months ago, HIA set out to poll two questions of its readers. The polls have closed for both and the questions and their results are summarized below:

1. Do you believe the many gifts of personal wealth are strong indicators of a person's salvation and blessings from God? (74 Respondents)

Yes 12%

No 87%

2. How many sermons/homilies do you think you heard this past year in your home church that were dedicated to God's promise of mercy to the poor and called congregation members to consider active ways to help the less fortunate? (60 Respondents)

0-1 homilies: 18%

2-3 homilies: 30%

4-5 homilies: 15%

6 or more homilies: 36%

After having read the poll results, what are your thoughts about the summary on personal wealth? Also, based on the data, how do you feel God’s message of mercy for the poor is coming across from church pulpits? Thank you for voting in all the HIA polls!


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