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Friday, March 7, 2008

Homeless In America

Not much different from why the middle-class or wealthy people experience divorce, loss of employment, physical abuse and substance addiction - some of the factors as to why some individuals become homeless are personal problems, domestic violence, lack of education, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness and lack of social skills. Clearly anyone who is homeless and mentally aware would agree that homelessness isn’t the direction in which they saw them self and would like a better life in the long run.

What is the cause of "common" (the working poor) homelessness? In America, while the income of the top percent of the population has increased, the income of the bottom percent of the population has actually fallen. Why are so many people in the U.S. homeless when the country is considered to be more prosperous than it has been in years? Many researchers would say the rich get richer while poor get poorer. Some people actually prosper from the suffering and lack of money of others. A good example would be the rising cost of housing, low wages, and increasing unemployment rates are reasons why homelessness exists. With minimum wage soon to be $6.55 an hour, it’s nearly impossible to afford rent anywhere in the United States, causing more people to get two jobs just to pay rent.

Another important and yet overlooked problem is children who are homeless or under the guardian of homeless parents. In any given week, it is estimated that more then 200,000 children have no place to live. Over the course of a year, as many as 1.4 million children experience homelessness. Forty-two percent of these children are under the age of five, where as homeless families make up forty percent of the total homeless population. Some factors that contribute to family homelessness are traumatic abuse to single mothers, mental health problems and interpersonal problems. Being homeless has its effects on the children as well it would have on any adult. For instance, children who are homeless might experience emotional and mental health issues; they might suffer from behavior problems and feel hostile towards other children or the parent. These negative influences make it likely that the child will repeat the cycle of homelessness upon reaching adulthood.

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Anonymous said...

The only people who will survive this recession.
Are those who can provide for them selves indepndently.
Its when we became dependent on someone else to provide for our needs.
Is when this problem started.
When we gave up our freedom for convience,security and money.
Money started controling our lives
No longer are you aloud to live freely.
There were no recession before people started becoming dependent on money and others to provide their needs.
Sure people had it hard.
But someone wasn't making it hard on them financually.
People need to start work as a community organizing, helping one another.
Like a banquite.
If everybody brought something to the table.
contributed something to the community,sharing what ever skill they had. Providing it freely to the community.
It doesn't take money for a society to function.
It takes people.
Money is a form of control.

Anonymous said...

homelessness has so much to do with the way the economy is set up.. it is set up only for certain people to prosper.people are starting to have the "if you aint got it from the start you never gonna have it" look on life and are starting to settle for low standards. This nation is not the land of opportunity... and the homeless need to be helped.