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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Caught On Videotape

About two weeks ago, it was reported in the news that a group of Cleveland, Ohio teenagers beat a homeless man to death as passers-by slowed to watch the attack, some of which was caught on videotape, police said.

Anthony Waters, 42, suffered a lacerated spleen and broken ribs during the attack and died at a Cleveland hospital, police said. Portions of the attack were caught on a surveillance camera outside a towing company on the city's east side. Police said the videotape shows passing cars slowing to watch three teens attack Waters until he staggered into the parking lot, where he was assisted by employees of the towing company.

"It was just horrifying the way he looked," said Marlo Massey, Waters' sister, who saw her brother's body after the attack. "They beat him to death and I just can't stop thinking what was on his mind while it was happening."

The attackers appeared to be between the ages of 14 to 17, robbed Waters of a music player and headphones, police said.

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Helen Deines said...

I read today's post about the man beaten in Cleveland, and I think of Christ crucified. He said he would come back to us in the disguise of the poor, and we would be judged by our response--did we feed him, clothe him, offer him a drink, a place to rest his head?

And how did Jesus feel when he was beaten to death? Did he weep for these blind youth who could not see their God before them?

Anonymous said...

Yes Helen, certainly Christ was personally beaten and crucified in the attack. Seeing Jesus in the poor and the abandoned has been hidden from the powerful and wise. To this day he remains the priceless jewel of eternity that can only be acquired by the humble and contrite.