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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Polls Roll

A few polls roll off HIA today, however, before they do here is a summary of what more than 150 votes, all totaled has yielded.

Regarding the question, “Who is ultimately responsible for serving the needs of the homeless in American Cities?” 38 votes were cast leaving the vast majority to believe charity begins at home …

* The Government: Our leaders, agencies, taxes, etc. - 23%
* The Church: Our pastors, deacons, outreaches, missions, etc. - 7%
* Myself: I can volunteer, give alms, get involved, fundraise, etc. - 63%
* No one: It’s a hopeless cause. - 5%

Regarding the question, “How many family members or friends do you know that in your opinion may be 1-2 paychecks away from being homeless if their income suddenly stopped?” nearly 75% of the 55 responses know at least 3 – 6 people who are in jeopardy of being homeless.

* Possibly 1-2 people. -25%
* Possibly 3-4 people. - 40%
* Possibly 5-6 people. - 34%

One of the most thought provoking questions this past year, “Is the term “wretch” only for the poor, homeless & addict? Should Christians take liberty to change lyrics making songs more palatable in our culture of self-esteem? Substitute Amazing Grace, God “saved a wretch like me” for “that saved and set me free?” prompted 58 votes with the vast majority responding, “NO.”

* Yes - 17%
* No - 82%

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