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Monday, July 14, 2008

Under the Overpass

The past few week’s journey of endless driving across the U.S. in search of Jesus living in the homeless, yielded another journey; the interior one. It was here while listening to Mike Yankowski’s book, Under the Overpass, that real inspiration came. The book can be had at or through the public library in both print and audio CDs. The audio version is read by the author, Mike with friend Sam giving additional narration while providing accurate and sometimes comedic interpretation of street talk, various ethnic accents and his personal observations of a distressful life.

A few years ago, Mike and friend, Sam, twenty somethings, set out to leave behind their comfortable middle class life, their families and friends to voluntarily live a homeless lifestyle. Their first immersion was residing at separate rescue missions in Denver. They were undercover, so their treatment throughout the journey was as if they were homeless.

In the book, you will discover what happens as they leave the “comfort” of rescue mission living and begin to live on the streets, sleeping under bridges and in alleys in foggy San Francisco, frigid Washington DC and the scorching heat of the Phoenix Desert, to mention a few. Their stories of abandonment, panhandling, the disregard of passerbys and an occasional encounter with Christians that have a heart will both trouble and inspire you.

A few years after their odyssey to experience Christ in the poor, Mike is now married and Sam is growing a professional career just out of college. You can discover their journey and make it yours by picking up the book and visiting their web site –

Are you ready ? Their journey will rock you. Mike and Sam’s intense reflection on God's thoughts and feelings toward the downtrodden will change you and you will begin to change the world.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Friends - Ariana, (a five year old with brain cancer) is in her final days with us and will soon be home with Jesus. Her family has accepted this and has released her to God's care. Please pray for Ariana that her passing home to Jesus will be peaceful and pray that her Mom, Dad and brother Taylor and all her family have strength and courage and peace in this sad time. Thank you, Angie