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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Isaiah meets Cardinal McIntyre

Isaiah meets Cardinal McIntyre

At least that is the case of two cozy homes in Hollywood, California providing a resident-based substance recovery program (McIntyre House) and quarters for homeless who are misunderstood and underserved - primarily because of mental illness (Isaiah House).

Both are resident experiences providing living space – 1-2 persons to a room, daily family meal times, chores and a structured rehabilitation program (photos). Marianne, the director of both homes along with staff pass out lots of reward, recognition and even consequences for individuals that “fall off the cart” for any reason. Today, one resident was busy making atonement for a recent problem by having to write an essay on the experience. What if we all had to do that after going to confession?

One guest put it this way, “I came to you [McIntyre House] hopeless and addicted to drugs, a nightmare that had lasted for fourteen years. By the grace of God, I am now sober. When I showed up … I thought all my dreams were shattered. Today, I am a pre-law student.”

The Isaiah and McIntyre Houses are the initiative of many, but most prominent are Monsignor Murphy from St. Victor’s and others who are part of the local parish community. Their funding, 50-60 percent comes from private donations and the remainder by way of grants. There is more on the Internet about their outreach at

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