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Monday, September 22, 2008

Another New Poll is Launched

Today, a new poll about the homeless was launched below, near the bottom of this main page. Here, in today’s blog is the expanded version of the poll’s three questions. After reading them, scroll down and respond to the abbreviated version. Everyone would like to know what you think!

New Poll

When the subject of the homeless is brought up casually among my family or friends, it has been my experience that most people react by saying something like …

*  Why can’t they work like the rest of us; you know, go out and get any job – like dishwasher or busboy in a restaurant?

*  My family immigrated to this country with not even a shirt on their backs and we made it – they can go out and work hard just like we did to solve their problems.

*  It’s a complex problem, homeless people need us to take the time to love and understand them.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A good number of homeless people are people, that are mentally sick. Some of them; are so sick that literally speaking; they dont even know who they are, what their names are, or even realizing that they are living in the streets. Just based in this fact of their situation;it is totally irresponsible in our part to wait from them, that they can go, get a job, straight their lives or clean up their act. If we try at least, once in our lifetime, to open our hearts, and to put ourselves in their shoes, trying to think for a moment, what it will be, to be living a life like that, trying to really put ourselves in that people's skin, if only for a minute or a day. THAT is the real meaning of the word Compassion ! That is what compassion is all about: To put myself, in the person's situation. To feel in my own skin the cold, the pain,the hunger,the desperation the solitude,the rejection of the others; my very own sisters and brothers, the total emptiness of the human soul. It is Christ again, living the Calvary and the Cross,dying; again and again, time after time,in a never ending Via Crucis. I pray, that God will open our hearts just for a minute and really ask Him to have the opportunity to be the Simon of Cyrene for our brothers and sisters in need.