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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Homeless Lament

Overheard rants and raves by one-time homeless …

By D. Kennedy
I've been a working homeless vet in the past and it's very difficult to pull yourself out of that situation. There isn't a proper support structure set up and there are too many jobs that just don't pay enough for an independent person to be self sufficient.

By A. Mcliberal
"Homeless" and "vet" should not be in the same paragraph, much less the same sentence. I have been unemployed for two months. New Hampshire employment security (what a joke that moniker is) denied my claim. I have had zero income for two months. I was robbed. I got flooded. I lost power for three days and lost all my food and had to stay in a hotel. I have a bachelor's degree and have been working for over thirty years. THIS is my reward? I am depressed, but I can't see a shrink, because I have no health insurance.

By E. May
I am 52, worked since I was 18, took a new job in 1997, moved with my wife and bought land and a home close to the great new job. Three months before my insurance kicked in, I was permanently injured on the job site… We lost our home, land and any hope of medical recovery from the accident. I am now living beside my 89 year old Dad, in a house vacated because of the death of my oldest brother. As for being homeless I've had my share.

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