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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Praying Mercifully with the Divine Mercy

One of the great promises that Jesus made to St. Faustina when he appeared to her is that when the Divine Mercy Chaplet is prayed on behalf of the dying, he will intercede and have mercy on the soul at the moment of death. So what are we waiting for? You may not be able to get out of the house to help the homeless or even to do other acts of mercy, but this is something everyone can do to have compassion on dying souls and win them for the Kingdom of Heaven. Saying the Divine Mercy every day for the dying is a great contribution we can make to the salvation of souls, and it’s not difficult, either. Here’s a true story that may inspire you!

“When I first learned the chaplet, a woman at St. Benedict’s after the 5:30pm Mass one day asked me to go pray for her next-door neighbor, who was in a coma, dying in the hospital, and had never even been baptized. She said he was a good man, but didn’t believe in God, and she was worried for his soul. I told her I felt kind of funny going to the hospital room of someone I didn’t know—what if the nurse thought I was doing something weird, or the family was there and didn’t like it? She just said to think about it, and if I wanted to go, it was such and such a hospital and room number.

“Well, I decided to go, for Jesus, and right away, even before dinner, so He would be inside me and could direct my ways more easily. When I got there, the nurses were all at the other end of the hall doing something together, and the room was dark except for the light over his bed, where he was sleeping in a coma. So I didn’t go in, but just knelt down in the doorway and began praying the chaplet. As soon as I did, the tears started flowing down my face in profusion! I wondered, ‘What is going on? Do I perhaps know this guy but not his name?’ So I kept praying the chaplet, but at the end decided to tiptoe in and just have a look at his face. Well, he was a stranger, but the amazing thing is that tears were flowing down his face, too!

“I hadn’t been home 15 minutes before that lady at church called me and said not to bother going because the man had just died! So, I am a true believer in the words Jesus told St. Faustina—she said that the Lord told her if you prayed the chaplet at the bedside of someone who was dying He would no longer be their just judge but only their merciful savior! And when St Faustina prayed it at the bedside of someone who was dying she could see the demons flee screaming, with their hands over their ears, as God’s mercy enveloped the dying person. I love the way Jesus works!”

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