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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On the Night He was Betrayed ...

A couple of days ago, a new poll was launched below, near the bottom of this main page. Here, in today’s blog is the expanded version of the poll’s three questions. After reading them, scroll down and respond to the abbreviated version. Everyone would like to know what you think!

New Poll

On the night He was betrayed ... when Jesus instituted the sacrament of Holy Communion, one of the reasons he may have chosen the humble elements of bread and wine is because?

1. The wheat and the grapes, are crushed and broken. Just as Jesus was persecuted then; today he appears lost and forgotten, in solidarity with the poor, the abandoned and rejected of the world.

2. He knew one day that churches would use lots of gold and silver vessels on altars – that the basic elements of bread and wine would be upgraded so as to be more attractive and palatable to the rich and the powerful.

3. That’s all they had back then. If it had been today, possibly he would have chosen symbols that could be related to by the vast middle class and yuppies; such as croissants and lattes.

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