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Monday, October 6, 2008

10 Tips from Islam that any Family can do to Serve the Poor, Part II

Continued from, Saturday, October 4, 2008 ...

Today wraps up a two-part post containing valuable tips from Islam about how families, and for the matter individuals - how they can better make serving the poor a way of life. Here are tips 6-10...

6. Have a family garage sale and donate the proceeds to the poor
Do your kids get bored as the summer wears on? Get everyone to take out any unwanted toys, clothes, etc. from their closets. Then organize a garage sale. All of the money should go to a shelter or soup kitchen.

7. Visit a homeless shelter or soup kitchen as a family
We become so used to just opening up the fridge when we're hungry, we forget there are countless millions who don't have this luxury. Call up the local soup kitchen and ask if you can make the food there for one meal. Nothing fancy – just make some pasta for instance. Get the family and some friends to help too.

8. Make it a habit to meet with people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.
Have you noticed that all of your friends and social contacts are from the same economic class? Friendship must never be based on the size of a house or bank account. Teach yourself and your kids this valuable lesson.

9. Make one "poor" meal a month in the home
What do you usually eat for dinner as a family? If you've been eating rich, heavy food, give it a break for just one day out of the month. Make a very, very simple meal. This will give everyone a real live example of what it feels like to live with much less for a day.

10. Fast and make Dua for those living in poverty
One of the great things about fasting is that it makes you more aware of what it's like to live with hunger. Do a Nafl (optional) fast for a day. Get a friend to do it with you. When it's time to break your fast, make Dua for those who are living in poverty worldwide and ask Allah what you can do to help alleviate their suffering.

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