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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just a Homeless Bum that Floats, Soars and Bilocates

You’ve heard the Apostle speak about entertaining angels, unawares while talking to strangers and visitors? However, how about this … All this time you’ve been encountering homeless bums on our city streets, you may have been entertaining saints unawares!

Consider that one such instance in history has been documented. Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, also known as the Beggar of Perpetual Adoration was the oldest of 15 children in a prosperous middle class family. Saint Labre was educated by his uncle, a parish priest. Following his uncle's death, he tried to join the Trappists, Carthusians, and Cistercians, but was rejected by them all.

The Saint spent years wandering Europe, especially Rome, in complete poverty as a homeless man, spending his days in perpetual adoration in the cathedrals. Given to religious ecstasies when contemplating the Crown of Thorns; reputed to float, soar, and bilocate. He begged in the streets, and if he was given more than he needed for the day, he would give the remainder to some one he considered more in need than he was.

He reportedly cured some of his fellow homeless, and reported to have multiplied bread for them. He was also a noted counselor to people of all walks and income brackets in Rome. He died in a hospice, exhausted from his life of austerity. His biography, written by his confessor Marconi, describes 136 miraculous cures attributed to him within three months of his death.

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