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Friday, October 31, 2008

Picturesque America New Poll

From sea to shining sea and from the rolling green hills of Ohio to the prairies of Nebraska, many American churches rest in lavish pastoral communities far from the poverty of our cities. Today, HIA launches a new poll. We ask, "how is Picturesque America doing?" In your opinion, what is our record on serving the poor and the homeless from the calm of our pristine settings? Please scroll down towards the bottom of this main page and respond to the poll …

In my opinion, the poor and homeless prompt this reaction from the average established Christian congregation worshiping in a common middle class American suburb today.

** Homeless? Are there many? I haven’t seen any here.
** We organize an ongoing food pantry, clothing drives & more!
** There was an outreach last Thanksgiving.
** We write a check to the Rescue Mission at Christmas.
** None of the above.

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