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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear God

Dear God, there is no place like home, so help me with this prayer. I bring to you a brother in need. He is beloved, Divine and has talents within him to express and share. But he does not know this. He lives on the street and eats out of garbage cans. For living this wretched life, I have blamed and mocked him. I do not know his name, but call him “Homeless”. I do not know what has injured him. In fact, I do not know him at all. I have only seen him—sleeping in doorways, wandering aimlessly—staring up at me with hollow eyes. He barely survives. My blaming cannot stir him from his pain, but only increase it. So I release all blame now and call for your compassion to fill me.

Lord, I am so grateful that I have a home; that I have a place in which to eat, bathe, rest and love. I cannot imagine the chaos of living without one. Intervene on behalf of this beloved one. He is so dear to you and has so many faces—male, female, teenager, toddler, boy, girl, old and young. Fill this one with the most intimate knowledge of your love. Enter the hearts, minds and bodies of my brothers and sisters, and awaken within them knowledge of their holiness and gifts. Fill me with compassion for their journey and use me in your love and care for all so that many will no longer be known by the name “homeless” because you sent me – they have me, the hands of Christ to embrace them.

And so it is … Amen.

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