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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At the Last Judgment – Mercy will be exalted over Condemnation for those who have lived a life of Mercy and Compassion – Part I

Saint Leo the Great

We have learned from divine precepts, dearly beloved, as well as from things laid down by the apostles, that every human being situated among the hazards of this life must seek the mercy of God by being merciful. What hope would lift up the fallen, what medicine heal the wounded, if almsgiving did not remit faults, and needs of the poor did not become remedies for sin? So by saying, “Blessed are the merciful, for God will have mercy upon them,” the Lord made it clear that the entire scale on which he is going to judge the whole world when he appears in his majesty would be tilted while hanging from the following balance: Only the quality of good works directed toward the destitute would determine the sentence …

What deeds will not be brought out at that time? What hidden things will not be disclosed? What consciences will not lie open? No one then “will glory in having a pure heart or in being unstained from sin.” But since “mercy will be exalted over condemnation” and gifts of clemency will surpass any just compensation, all the lives led by mortals and all different kinds of actions will be appraised under the aspect of a single rule. No charges would be brought up where, in the acknowledgement of the Creator, works of compassion have been found …

Saint Leo the Great died in 461. He was Bishop of Rome and leader of the Church from 440 – 461. He is also a doctor of the Church.
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