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Saturday, January 24, 2009

It all comes from People

Today’s soggy and cold StreetReach was a strong reminder that the Lord’s warm mercy and compassion all comes from people. It only took three of us just under four hours to deliver sack lunches (photo), water and spiritual supplies to more than 125 homeless men and women living under bridges and in alleyways. However, it took more than two-dozen people behind the scenes for two weeks of coordination to make it happen. Today we remember as many as we can and acknowledge those who are unnamed but helped in some way.

We remember with 5 stars …

***** Valerie who made a special trip to the church office to drop off a warm winter coat to be given out.
***** Peter who left Phoenix quite early in the morning to be in Los Angeles in time to serve.
***** Carol who gave her last $20 to help buy hamburgers.
***** Cecil who consistently gives his time and his wallet for years now.
***** Pam and Joel for their direct deposit to help out.
***** Traci and the gang at Starbucks for all their donations and help.
***** Carlos and the gang at Noah’s bagels for their generosity.
***** The Carl's Junior owner - Jim and his entire staff for their awesome preparation and discount for 120 Carl's Cheese Burgers.
***** The many families at St. Paul the Apostle that donated water bottles and 100s of miniature shampoos and soaps.
***** The generous mom and her 3 children that own a country highway fruit stand and who donated two crates of fresh oranges.
***** Juanito who has been helping for more than 2 years, and yet he himself has been homeless for more than 9 years.

Thank you for the inspiration! We give thanks …
What will you do with your Homeless in America?

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