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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Somerset Mansion

Regarding the post, Eternal Hollywood Hills, Tuesday, January 9, 2009, a reader writes in the following ... "[Many years ago] My husband and I were riding through an area that was beautiful (near our home in Somerset, NJ). One of the houses we passed was a new Victorian style house that I thought was so beautiful. As I was looking at it and thought to myself: Gosh, how pretty - thinking I wished I had a house like that. In the very next instant I "heard" in my mind/head: 'I am preparing a mansion for you.' I was surprised at the thought and a day or two after as I changed the page on my calendar (which my daughter gave me with psalms or scripture readings) at my desk at work, I read what you have written below: 'In my Father's house ...' That floored me and I knew it was God talking to me that no matter what I may think is beautiful here, nothing will compare with it in His Heavenly home. I still have that page - I kept it with another page that was an answer to something that was bothering me and found the page the next day at work. I read those pages every day to remind myself of what happened and to not worry. God works in so many ways to let us know He is there with us, doesn't He?" Rose D.

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