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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Eternal Hollywood Hills"

The hope of the poor and the homeless is in the promise of Christ when he said, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions. I go there to prepare a special place for you. If it were not so, you know I would have told you.” (Jn. 14:2) Those who are homeless now can look forward to an eternity of “homefullness.” How encouraging is that?

On the other hand, how discouraging is this? What about those unrepentant evil doers who experience wealth, power, control and “homefullness” in this life? “Woe to you” Jesus says … “You have already received your reward.” (Lk. 6:23-26) Since the Lord will show mercy to the poor and homeless and they will receive mansions in eternity. On the other hand, what will be the reward of the unrepentant rich and powerful? Ironically, it could quite possibly be an eternity of homelessness. Imagine - an eternity of never finding rest for one’s soul; endless frustration, emptiness and abandonment that will never be satisfied; desperation and anguish without end for those who have shown no mercy in this life and who have not shared their wealth with the poor.

Because to such poor in spirit belong the kingdom of God, who then is really the rich person that we see here and now in this life? Who is actually wealthy among us? Is it the person temporarily living in a mansion on a Beverly Hills-top or a temporary poor beggar waiting to occupy a mansion in “Eternal Hollywood Hills”? Welcome to the confusing ways and paradoxes of the Kingdom of God.
What will you do with your Homeless in America?

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