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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elixir for Christian Unity

Canyon country (photo), just about 60 miles north of Los Angeles paints a perfect picture of mountains, hills, snow capped peaks and ocean mists while decorative cumulus clouds frequently dot the landscape for a finishing touch. The picture is only marred by its many homeless residents that camp frequently on the riverbeds, ocean gateways and in alleyways.

In the picturesque city of Santa Paula, just about 5 weeks ago, an interdenominational group compassionately came together to create “Many Meals.” Here is how one community is responding to the homeless … Each Wednesday, volunteers cook in their own homes trays of lasagna, meatballs, salad, rice, beans, desserts and more. They throw a party for the poor!

Under Kay’s direction they set up the weekly potluck at a local church that has donated its facility for the event. Meals are served from 5pm to 7pm at God of the 7th Day Church on Mill Street. Jack, a pastor from nearby Bible Fellowship Church busily assisted the effort while Fr. Charles stopped by with a donation from his Catholic parish to lend a hand with food and supplies. Uniting on God’s word and serving Christ in the poor has no doubt proven to be the elixir for Christian unity in this sleepy town of SoCal’s Canyon Country!
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