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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Middleclass America - Fat, Dumb & Happy or Compassionate?

About six months ago, HIA began to poll readers about the amount of concern for the poor and homeless found within Christian churches in middleclass America. The following survey was presented: “In my opinion, the poor and homeless prompt this reaction from the average established Christian congregation worshiping in a common middleclass American suburb today.”

Here is how they responded …

* 46% had an optimistic perception of wealthy middleclass American Christians. They thought this was the best way to describe their involvement in the lives of the poor … “We organize an ongoing food pantry, clothing drives & more!”

* 47% believe there is apathy in wealthy Middle America toward the poor and homeless. In their opinion, they thought that one of the following is the most appropriate way to describe their concern … “Homeless? Are there many? I haven’t seen any here.” Or, “There was an outreach last Thanksgiving.” And lastly, “We write a [annual] check to the Rescue Mission at Christmas.”

* 7% did not believe that their opinion was represented in the survey and checked “None of the above” as their response.

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