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Friday, May 1, 2009

Taking a Hard Look at ourselves, Self-knowledge is the Path to Charity

By Saint Catherine of Siena

I don’t see how you can have this sort of strength, a strength whose source is the gentle mother charity, unless you keep the eye of self-knowledge open always. Self-knowledge is the dwelling in which we discover our lowliness, and this makes us humble. There we find knowledge of God’s goodness too, and in this light a warmth, a fire of love is born in us – so gently that all bitterness becomes sweet, everything weak grows strong, and all the ice of selfish love melts away. Then we no longer love ourselves selfishly, but for God. And more, we pour out a river of tears and spread our loving desires out over all our sisters and brothers, loving them with a pure love, without self-interest. And we love God for God’s sake, because He is supreme eternal Goodness, worthy of being loved … Let’s not put off any longer our move into this holy dwelling of self-knowledge.
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