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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

“Please Don’t See”

by Michael Towers

A poem he wrote about his first night living homeless on the streets and all the fear flooding through and for the first time in life realizing how truly vulnerable we all are.

“Please Don’t See”
The headlights blinding, the noise so clear,
Clinging to the blades, grass scratches my face,
Hiding from the shame, of being myself,
Sink into the ground, please don’t see.

The lights now blind, sounds move past,
A heartbeat races, danger so immediate,
Another car comes, Illuminating failure,
Sink into the ground, please don’t see.

Sleep not an option, fear too close,
Beneath the branches, harbouring a child,
People scream, they walk the street,
Sink into the ground, please don’t see.

Heart skips beats, tears abandon ducts,
Trickling down, clinging to the blades,
Laughter is sounded, masses rush by,
Sink into the ground, please don’t see.

Morning coming through, safety so near,
Never believing, the other side of night,
They will come, and surely judge,
Sink into the ground, please don’t see.

Walking on, as if I’m non-existent,
Never acknowledged, truly abandoned,
Trapped in my shell, to be ignored,
Sink into the ground, please don’t see.

I cry today, for a different moment,
Praying for a life, more than this,
Knowing there’s something, elsewhere to be,
Reasons I’m here, questions not asked.

This feels like forever, an endless dream,
But all dreams end, a chance again,
One day I promise, there’ll be a way,
I’ll rise off the ground, for people to see.

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