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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Though He be not Clean as Holiness Requires ...

St. Teresa of Avila once mused, “I really don’t see anything in the world that pleases me other than its intolerance of faults in the good, forcing them to be perfect through its criticisms.”

David lamented a similar thought, but thousands of years earlier. Speaking to Gad he said, “I am in dire straits. But I prefer to fall into the hand of the Lord, whose mercy is very great, than into the hands of men.” (1 Chr. 21:13)

Ultimately, the poor, the homeless, the unclean and losers of this life can have solace in the fact that the Lord’s mercy is infinitely greater than the tiresome unkind judgments shown by men here on earth. Our comfort is in the Lord of endless mercy.

“May the Lord, who is good, grant pardon to everyone who has resolved to seek God, the Lord, the God of His fathers, though he be not clean as holiness requires.” (2 Chr. 30:18-19)

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