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Thursday, October 8, 2009

We're all Wanderers and Nomads

All have strayed from God. Consequently, all humans are wanderers and nomads of some sort. We're all technically "homeless." In this regard, it is easy to relate to homeless persons and to love them. The Lord even allowed His chosen people to wander in the desert. To go aimlessly about through wastelands is part of each human's experience in order to find God.

Let us pray ...

For those who have no home or family:
- Lord, bring them to dwell in your heavenly city.

For those who are alone, abandoned, poor and in want:
- Lord, bring them to dwell in their heavenly home.

For those who dwell in aloneness in massive cities filled with entertainment and people:
- Lord, bring them to know your personal love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

In the Lord's own house may we dwell forever and ever. Psalm 23:6

What will you do with your Homeless in America?

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Anonymous said...

Please ask your prayer warriors for prayers this weekend, for my grandaguther, haley age 2. Her parents are not married inside the church and are in a bad way, with bad music and bad TV etc. Haley prays Rosaries with me and knows the Hail Mary too! Thanks, Pat

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful prayer.