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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Got Plans for Easter Yet?

Instead of thinking about how we’re going to celebrate and how much we’re going to eat this coming Easter – how about planning a celebration that includes the homeless?

Take it from David and Olga Ott, Catholics who last Easter were the only two volunteers working the lunch shift at Faith Mission in Columbus, Ohio. “No big deal”, they said, but a good way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

"I think it's what God wanted us to be doing," said David, 42, the human-resource director for the Columbus Developmental Center.

The Otts said they are trying to teach their children about the importance of service, especially in an economy where money is tight.

The mission, which provides food, shelter and counseling at 315 E. Long St., is operated by Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio. Its community kitchen serves three meals a day to the poor and homeless, said Tony Williams, director of dining and volunteer services. "Holidays are special days, but our mission is to provide a nourishing meal every day," Williams said.

Since last Easter, the Otts made a decision to start volunteering regularly at the mission, where they served meals occasionally more than nine years ago.

So, join the Easter chorus this year at any local mission! Unite with David and Olga Ott as they heap piles of rigatoni and bow-tie pasta on plastic plates shouting out a "There you are sir," or "Happy Easter" to every homeless guest.

Last year, after everyone was fed, the Otts returned home to their family. They weren't sure whether the ham dinner his mother had prepared would still be warm, but it didn't much matter. They had already celebrated Easter.
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