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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Great Prayer to Prevent Spiritual "Homelessness" Upon Your Death

By Brother Ildefonso M. Izaguirre O.P.

Prostrated to your feet and humiliated by my sins, with full trust I come to you, Oh Mary! I beg you to accept the request that my heart comes to present before you, for the last moments of my life. Dear Mother, I wish to ask your protection and maternal love. So at the final moment, you do all that your love suggests in my favor.

To you, Oh Mother of my soul, I consecrate the last two hours of my life. Hurry to my side and receive my last breath. And when death has destroyed the string of my days, present my soul to Jesus, saying: “I love it.”

That word only spoken by you, will be enough to insure the blessing of God; and the joy of contemplating you through eternity.

Oh my Mother and Hope in you I trust. And my trust won´t be in vain. Oh Mary! Pray for your son and guide him to Jesus!
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