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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


by Jean Vanier

I think there is a whole mystery which we find in Luke. Lazarus was an excluded outcast, a leper, and he is the one that enters into the kingdom. The rich man, who wasn't able to see him, rejected him. He goes into the place of torment. You see, the danger for rich people is that they become frightened and they build up barriers around their hearts, defense mechanisms, because they have to preserve their riches, preserve their image, preserve their power. So they become people of with lots of fear, whereas Lazarus has nothing to defend. He's just himself.

[But by Christ, the real sin was not wealth itself, but the fact that the wealthy do not see the poor, they are blind to the poor.]

And if you are blind to the poor, you become blind to God, and there is the mystery because the word became flesh, became little, became crucified. We know He is hidden in the poor and the weak and the fragile and whatever you do to the weak, whatever you do to the hungry, the thirsty, you do unto Jesus. There are those incredible words of Jesus, "Whoever among you who welcomes one of these little ones, welcomes me."
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