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Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Blind Side"

Imagine driving down the street, it’s cold outside and you see a 6-foot 5-inch, 340-pound African-American teenager shivering in shorts and a T-shirt. Would you stop and help him? More importantly, would you offer him a place to stay if you knew he was homeless? Those were the questions that faced the Tuohy family in the movie “The Blind Side.”

“Blind Side” is a film based on a true story and the best-selling book by Michael Lewis, “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game.” The movie is the story of Michael Oher, played by Quinton Aaron, a homeless teen living on the streets of Memphis, who is taken in by a rich family and given a second chance at life.

According to the Memphis school system, Oher, was a lost cause when he entered Briarcrest Christian School with a grade point average of 0.3. Oher, often referred to as “Big Mike” is the only African American at the private high school. His mother was addicted to crack and he didn’t know who his father was. He not only walks through the halls of Briarcrest alone, he walks through life alone. But, with the help of the Tuohys, he learns to depend on people, improves his grades and learns a new sport: football.

The film may look like just another football flick, but it is really the story about the remarkable Tuohy family and how the love and support they express for each other changes their lives and the life of a homeless teen, Michael Oher. The critics give two thumbs up and a grade of B+ for “Blind Side”!
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