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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Homeless People Piss Me Off?

From time to time, Homeless In America blog gives other voices an opportunity to speak out about their impressions of the homeless. Below, a blog writer who is a daily rail commuter and who apparently lives in the New York area has a lot to say about the homeless in his city. Here is one person’s expressive gut reaction to these poor souls. It’s real!

Happy Homeless People Piss Me Off
So the other day I’m on the train going to work and sure enough I get greeted by a homeless person peddling for money. But today was a special day because a SECOND homeless person came in right behind him. To every ones surprise they then proceeded to entertain the people with a catchy medley about their current plight. Some of the lyrics went like this

“I’m out of luck
But I don’t give a . . .
Oh no no It’s mighty cold
A Ho ho ho that never gets old
It’s Christmas! Spare some change!
Do wap Do Wap Do Waaaaap”

Then they finished off the song with one of the guys popping a beat while the other gave a small speech about their current situation and with surprisingly good timing they both end it by saying “Smile! It won’t mess up your hair”.

Most of the saps and hippie tourists smiled at this sad display of beggary but me, I couldn’t help but be annoyed. It got me thinking of Chris Rocks stand up where he said if a homeless person has a funny sign, they ain’t been homeless long enough.

Instead of thinking about giving them money I was wondering, how did these two guys find each other? There is an interesting story there that would make a great movie. Check it out! A story about two homeless guys who come together to ROCK the train karts of New York with their joyful humorous medleys about the derelict. They become a sensation and gain media attention when one day the Mayor of New York hears them. Mayor Bloomberg loves them so much he invites them over for dinner. A strong friendship develops as they help a rich old man learn there’s more to life than millions and millions of dollars.

Trouble ensues when one of the homeless guys feels like he’s ‘selling out to the Man” and goes back to the dumpster that made him the hobo he is. A fine lesson in integrity is in there somewhere, anyway the bums eventually come back together and become a national symbol for hope, inspiration and most importantly…shampoo.

I would totally watch that movie…

Excerpted from the blog, “Confessions of a Furious Mind” located at
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