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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Lofty Goes Lowly

It was not God’s pattern of being to remain lofty and above human suffering, our errors and evils. In Christ, God humbled himself and became poor like us. He entered our pitiable condition and became one of us in order to rescue each from eternal pain, suffering and death. Much in the same way, it should not be our pattern of being to remain lofty and removed from the suffering of the poor and homeless. God as our example, we are created to enter into the suffering of the poor, not to remain arrogantly above them, to consider them too much trouble or a burden.

Pseudo Macarius a fourth century monk tells it this way . . . “In the same way God, who transcends all limitations and far exceeds the grasp of our human understanding, through His goodness has diminished Himself and has taken the members of our human body. He withdrew himself from inaccessible glory. And through His compassion and love for humankind, he transformed His nature (Phil. 2:7), taking upon himself a body. He mingled himself totally with the body and thus He takes to Himself holy souls acceptable and faithful. He becomes “one Spirit” (1 Cor. 6:17) with them according to Paul’s statement – a soul, if I may so put it, in a soul, substance in substance, so that the soul may live in newness of life and become a participant of eternal glory.”

Pseudo Macarius (c. 390) was an Egyptian monk and hermit.

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