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Monday, August 9, 2010

Homeless God

We don’t often think of the God of the universe as being “homeless,” but in reality He like most homeless people, suffers from the judgment, condemnation and rejection of others. These types of mechanisms of hate played out throughout the course of the entire life of Christ. When Jesus lived here on earth, he was homeless, despised and rejected at the time of his birth, homeless in the flight to Egypt and homeless again during the life of his public ministry. He was buried “homeless” in another's grave.

But is God homeless today? Quite possibly! Our cities and towns are filled with “homes” for McDonald’s, the Gap, malls, Starbucks and the like, but what does God actually get in all of this in order that people can welcome Him into their hearts? Obviously, in an overly obsessed commercial environment, God undeservedly gets very little in comparison to the greed and houses of idolatry that are rampant in our consumer-based world.

The next time we see a homeless person, quite possibly that may be an image of God Himself saying loud and clear, “I’m homeless in my own home. Have pity on me!” Possibly we will be inspired to open our hearts with hospitality, kindness and compassion and welcome Him in.
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