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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

25.9 Million Tons of Trash and Counting

Some Americans find it difficult to reach out to the homeless poor living on our city streets with food and water. One of the reasons for this hesitancy to help has been the fact that some feel they have “limited resources” and cannot afford it. However, at the same time, food waste is a huge issue in America, especially in light of this growing divide between the rich and the poor.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Loss Project, U.S. citizens throw away more than 25 percent - some 25.9 million tons - of all the food produced for domestic sale and consumption. A 2004 University of Arizona study pegs the figure at closer to 50 percent, finding that Americans squander some $43 billion annually on wasted food.

Timothy Jones, a lead researcher for the AZ study reported that on average, U.S. households waste 14 percent of their food purchases. He estimates that a family of four tosses out $590 per year in meat, fruits, vegetables and grain products. Is this a possible indication of the high cost of “not giving?”
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